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Career Street is Ready for You!

Join us now to provide career education opportunities for Erie County Youth!

Career Street is a comprehensive program that helps Erie County youth consider their career interests, explore various careers, and understand what is necessary to pursue, obtain and maintain a career they are interested.

To carry out its mission, Career Street will provide career-focused resources and activities to educators, employers, nonprofit organizations and youth to help young people better prepare for their future – whether that means successful completion of post-secondary education or training, or entry into the workforce.

Are you a business, organization or school that wants to get involved?

We look forward to your participation in this exciting project.

   Watch this brief Welcome & Quick Explanation video

Career Street is the "place" in Erie County where businesses, educators and non-profit organizations come together to help our young people make the best decisions about their careers.

Erie County businesses understand the importance of offering insights into their workforce needs and creating opportunities for the 'next generation' workforce to explore and learn necessary skills before they graduate from high school. Erie County educators and nonprofit organizations also recognize the importance of connecting youth to high quality career exploration experiences so they can be best prepared for life after high school.

And that’s why Career Street is here.

Career Street offers the services and resources to help match educators and nonprofit organizations with employers to provide quality career exploration activities for Erie County youth.  In the end, Career Street will be the first step in connecting employers with their future workforce.

Through Career Street, we can begin to ensure that students understand what it takes to be successful in their desired careers, and that businesses will ultimately have access to talented, qualified workers.