Experience Details

We'll talk about all the career choices Caplugs Erie offers at one of the most up-to-date Plastics Injection molding operations in our region. Want to be in Sales or Customer Service/Support? Find our how you can play a role getting over 40,000 parts to and supporting customers world-wide. Want to design and engineer new products or improve existing products? We have over 70 injection molding machines in Erie alone, and with over 300 worldwide you can design/build new products, and improve what's already out there. Want to help customers get what they need? Learn how our Customer Service team works every day with our 25-person Warehouse team to plan, package, ship, and schedule orders to meet customer demands. Hear how our Quality Department tests and samples parts every day to ensure customers get exactly what they need, day-in and day-out from Caplugs. Wonder how we do all this every day? Our Maintenance Department is a key player keeping employees safe and production stays on schedule. How do we manage all this? We'll share some of our managers' experiences and what it takes to succeed here in Erie in a very competitive industry world-wide!

Industry: Manufacturing
Audience: Both
Organization: Caplugs

Experience Requirements

Ideally High-School audience, probably upper-classman, business management, or vocationally-technologically inclined/interested audiences. Approximately 60-75 minutes, including Q&A would be best.

7090 Edinboro Rd, Erie, Pennsylvania 16509