What Is Career Street? 

Watch this brief Welcome & Quick Explanation video

The genesis of the idea for Career Street came from both local employers and educators. 

  • Employers were expressing concern that students were not coming out of high school  adequately prepared to serve their needs
  • Educators were expressing strong desire to have more interaction with employers and increased employer participation in career exploration-related opportunities so they could help better prepare students.

 As a program, Career Street has Five Key Deliverables:

  1. Youth who understand the value of work, have clear career aspirations and plans, and are better prepared for success in the workplace.
  2. Youth with strong career acquisition, retention and advancement skills.
  3. Local businesses with access to adequately prepared candidates to join their workforce as reliable, productive employees.
  4. Ongoing, constructive relationships between education, nonprofits, and employers to help guide youth career awareness, exploration and preparedness activities across Erie County.
  5. Greater participation in high quality career exploration opportunities throughout Erie County.

Career Street is a comprehensive career exploration and planning program linking businesses, nonprofit organizations, and schools to create and share experiences for students to job shadow, intern, tour companies, benefit from class speakers, and participate in career workshops and fairs.

Career Street's goal is to unite employers, schools and nonprofit organizations in the pursuit of a well-prepared future workforce, and to help better prepare students for the careers they want. 

Students are vital to our community, and we want to prepare them for future careers right here in Erie County.

Career Street is made possible by businesses, organizations and educators of Erie County that are dedicated to uniting the education and business communities in the pursuit of a vibrant economy.  Stakeholders include: 

  • Erie County businesses and industry
  • K-12 and post-secondary schools
  • Public service agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Industry associations
  • Students and parents

Career Street is a network that connects local employers and local educators for K-12 students to have career exploration experiences. Career Street operates under Erie Together.  The Greater Erie Community Action Committee is the Career Street fiscal agent, as Career Street is not a 501c(3).