Provide Students with Experiences for Career Success

High school can be tough at times, as students try to figure out who they are, let alone what they want to do for a career. However, by utilizing Career Street, you can help students learn a little about themselves and what jobs are in the local community and what skills they need to have to reach the career they desire.

Get involved with Career Street by searching our database to help match students with career exploration experiences based on their interests, or promote opportunities to your entire school. Are you planning to sponsor an event that builds career awareness? You can register here to promote your event here, too.

Whether you know a student who can’t wait to launch their career, or you are looking to help a student who hasn’t quite figured out what want to do career-wise. You can help prepare them for the job of their dreams.

Looking for job search tips, instructions on how to write a resumé, or other helpful tips to share with your students? Be sure to look at the list of web and video resources we have collected for you.