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Primary Industry: Information Technology

Software consulting and technology education. We advise and educate business on technology advancements and ways they can take advantage or optimize their infrastructure to lower costs and achieve scalable growth. We also help educate youth by providing week-long opportunities to learn and grow their programming skillset.

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WolfyMaster Media is located at 1001 State Street Suite 907, Erie, PA 16501
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Classroom Speaker on Software Engineering

Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math      Type: Career Speaker
Audience: Both
Paul picked up programming at the age of 8, following the .com boom in the early 2000s. He spent over a decade in web development which included mostly freelance and two years at a local web development agency. He holds degrees in both Computer Scien... Learn More »

Software Engineer Career Interview

Industry: Information Technology      Type: Video
Audience: Both
Business Owner and software engineer, Paul Sherer discusses how he developed his business at the age of 16 and why he continued as a software engineer, even after graduation from college with a completely different degree.

Paul is willing to sched... Learn More »

Live Chat with Web Developer

Industry: Information Technology      Type: Video
Audience: Both
This is an opportunity to have a conversation with a local web developer and entrepreneur. Paul is willing to connect with your students via a communication network that works best for you (Zoom, Teams, etc) and answer questions they may have about t... Learn More »