Experience Details

Paul picked up programming at the age of 8, following the .com boom in the early 2000s. He spent over a decade in web development which included mostly freelance and two years at a local web development agency. He holds degrees in both Computer Science and Political Science. More recently, Paul has transitioned to a software engineering role - managing software and infrastructure development at scale for companies grossing over $1M in annual revenue.

Paul is happy to come speak with your classroom about his experience as a programmer.
- Provide real-world examples and advice for students considering careers in similar fields.
- Share his educational journey through high school and college that prepared him for this career (spoiler, this wasn't his 1st choice)
- Give up to a 60 minute lecture on a programming topic
- Engage students about programming and related careers

Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Audience: Both
Organization: WolfyMaster Media
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, Erie, Pennsylvania 16501