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Niagara Therapy, LLC is a specialized office for individualized therapy. We focus on a team approach to achieve your goals. By acting as a team, we can ensure the MOST EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT path for your independence. Niagara Therapy, LLC provides individual care for YOU.
Being locally owned and clinically operated, Niagara Therapy, LLC is able to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY service while being personal and individualizing a care plan for you. Your sessions are with a therapist (not a technician) and the focus is based on the goals WE SET TOGETHER. We strive for your success! We also offer off-site sessions and evaluations as needed. This can include ergonomic work sites, home evaluations, or other community locations. OUR STAFF CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR REHABILITATION. We welcome you to stop by and say hello!

Website: www.NiagaraTherapyLLC.com

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2631 W 8th Street, Erie, PA 16505

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