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Brevillier Village is a multi-level housing and healthcare complex for older adults 60+ on 17 acres of lakefront property in Harborcreek Township. The community consists of Ball Pavilion, short stay rehabilitation and long term nursing care, Barnabas Court, licensed personal care, Conrad House, Independent Living and the Brevillier Village Home Care Program, non-medical services provided in your home. We house over 250 residents and employ more than 250 individuals.

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Brevillier Village is located at 5416 East Lake Road, Erie, PA 16511
5416 East Lake Road, Erie, PA 16511   ·   Click Here For Directions

Recently Posted Experiences

Brevillier Village Tour

Industry: Health Science      Type: Workplace Tour
Audience: K12
Tour all 4 buildings on our Brevillier Village Campus and learn about all the different levels of care we offer to the elderly population. Learn also about the job and career opportunities waiting for you here at Brevillier Village and in the field ... Learn More »

Job Shadowing

Industry: Health Science      Type: Job Shadow
Audience: K12
We have many job shadowing experiences in many different departments including Food Service, Rehab, Nursing, Social Work and Administration. Call us and we can talk more about the experience you are looking for. Learn More »

Student Internship

Industry: Health Science      Type: Internship (Unpaid)
Audience: K12
We offer student internships/placements with local colleges, universities, and trade schools in many fields such as Nursing, Social Work, Rehab, Food Services, Finance, and Administration. Internships have ranged from 1 week to 9 months. depending o... Learn More »

Volunteer at Brevillier Villiage

Industry: Health Science      Type: Volunteering
Audience: K12
Volunteering can be for a 1 day experience or ongoing. There are many different venues here for a volunteer. Volunteers work in, but are not limited to our Food Services, Recreation, Clerical, Grounds and Rehab departments. They may work in group... Learn More »