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Forgione Energy, LLC is an oil and gas industry education and training company.

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Forgione Energy LLC is located at 13741 Arneman Road, Box 445, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16412
13741 Arneman Road, Box 445, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16412   ·   Click Here For Directions

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Energy and Geology of Pennsylvania Presentation

Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math      Type: Career Speaker
Presentations will center around the geology of Pennsylvania, renewable and non renewable energy and how natural gas and oil is explored for and produced. Can tailor presentations to elementary, middle and high school age students. Learn More »

Jobs and careers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Industry: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource      Type: Career Speaker
Presentation will consist of an explanation of college degree, short term technical and entry level jobs with no experience high school graduates in the oil and gas industry. Learn More »