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PSN is a diverse, full-service engineering firm specializing in a wide range of services and industries. Based out of Erie, PA, we maintain a processing laboratory and testing laboratory right on-site. We handle all aspects of product development from start to finish. We can customize services to meet the needs of each client in any phase of development.

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Plastics Services Network is located at 5368 Kuhl Road, Erie, PA 16510
5368 Kuhl Road, Erie, PA 16510   ·   Click Here For Directions

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Facility Tour

Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math      Type: Workplace Tour
Come and see what real-life scientists and engineers are doing everyday! PSN is a development partner to household-known companies all over the world. From the design and development stage, to material selection and molding, to material or componen... Learn More »

Job Shadowing

Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math      Type: Job Shadow
For students looking to get a better idea of what work is like for plastics engineers, mechanical engineers, or chemists, this is an opportunity to see what these type of professionals do every day. Learn More »