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Maple Donuts started in 1946 in York, PA. Sales through different distribution channels takes Maple Donuts Inc. all throughout the United States, making the company one of the largest independent producers of donuts in the country. Our varied customer base includes: grocery chains, in-store bakeries, vending companies, caterers, schools, dairies and several types of institutions, with private label as our specialty.

Our Lake City location opened in 2002, more than doubling the capacity of the company. The growth of Maple Donuts Inc. can be attributed to the emphasis placed on maintaining high standards of product quality, of excellent customer relationships, of superior job performance and the unwillingness to compromise these standards.

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Maple Donuts is located at PO Box 327, Girard, PA 16417
PO Box 327, Girard, PA 16417   ·   Click Here For Directions

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Plant Tour

Posted by Maple Donuts
Industry: Manufacturing      Type: Workplace Tour
Audience: K12
Maple Donuts will provide tours to students that are interested in the manufacturing field. In addition to viewing our donut making process, students will be exposed to the variety of types of jobs involved in a manufacturing environment. Learn More »