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Primary Industry: Manufacturing

ISM is a major contract manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in fields ranging from medical to transportation to power generation to recreation. With its distinct capabilities and vast knowledge base, ISM has manufactured more than 20 million parts based on more than 12,000 distinct drawing over the years. In recent years, ISM has invested millions in new technology including a new robotic welding cell, a fiber TruLaser with load/unload stations, a six-axis TruBend press brake, a multifunctional Swiss Turn CNC lathe and two more flexible manufacturing cells. Today, the company's main 85,000-square plant has been configured into a machining, cleaning and testing center and its two 20,000-square-foot satellite facilities handle the fabrication, welding, painting, powder coating and assembly. Among some of the components manufactured by ISM are bearing caps and housings, machined fabrications and weldments, piping assemblies, numberous engine components, custom fasteners and complex mechanical and electrical assemblies. The diversity of the company's output is also reflected in its ability to manufacture virtually any number of components in almost any grade of material.

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Industrial Sales & Mfg., Inc. is located at 2609 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16505
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