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Primary Industry: Information Technology

Epic Web Studios is a full service website design, social media, digital marketing, SEO and web development firm located in, but not limited to, Erie, Pennsylvania. Started in 2009 by David Hunter & Shaun Rajewski, Epic began as a single client asking for a small change to their website and quickly turned into a custom design house that creates high quality website solutions. Hunter, the managing partner, is both the problem solver and the face of Epic Web Studios; if there is a seemingly unattainable task before him, Hunter will find a way to do it quickly and effectively, without breaking the bank. Rajewski is the brains behind the hundreds of thousands of lines of code that have been written; he is fluent in more than ten different coding languages and also has a creative eye that adapts dramatically with each new client.

Epic was formed out of need. Hunter saw a gap in the Erie, PA marketplace for a company who was flexible, inexpensive and willing to develop completely custom solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Sure, there were web firms out there who would slap out a project for five hundred dollars; and there were also plenty of firms who will provide top to bottom solutions for fifty thousand dollars. The missing link was a company in-between; cue the birth of Epic Web Studios, LLC.

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Epic Web Studios, LLC. is located at 901 French Street, Erie, PA 16501
901 French Street, Erie, PA 16501   ·   Click Here For Directions

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