Experience Details

Opportunity to hear from an expert in the field about various careers associated with the insurance industry. A speaker will be identified to visit a classroom or other learning setting virtually and present information about a particular career field upon request and depending on schedules and availability. Potential career fields include but are not limited to IT, underwriting, claims, marketing, accounting & finance, actuarial, human resources, loss control, etc.

Industry: Finance
Audience: Both
Organization: Erie Insurance
Max Attendees: 30

Experience Requirements

Any middle or high school classroom in Erie County or any program for post-secondary career learners in Erie County. When scheduling please provide the following information:
~ What is the date, time, and location you prefer to have a speaker?
~ How long should the speaker's remarks be?
~ What is the specific topic area(s) you would like the speaker to focus on?
~ What are the ages and grade levels of the students?
~ Will there be parents, teachers, or administrators also in the audience?
~ Are there specific career fields you would like the speaker to focus on?
~ Any other relevant details you can share?

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