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July 9th, 2023 to July 14th 2023

This summer, high school sophomores and juniors from all across Pennsylvania will once again have the opportunity to participate in Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW). PFEW is an award-winning week-long summer economics education program. It is an interactive, hands-on program that teaches students to understand and celebrate the American free enterprise system by introducing them to the inner workings of modern 21st century business. PFEW helps students develop critical skills in communication, leadership, time management, problem solving and team building all while improving their self-esteem and confidence. Since their first program in 1979, nearly 47,000 eager students throughout the Commonwealth have experienced PFEW and gained the knowledge, skills and qualities vital to their future success as responsible, involved citizens in our increasingly competitive global economy.
The PFEW program provides students with opportunities to assess interests, build skills, and identify and explore careers in an interactive, hands-on setting. PFEW puts students on track for meaningful postsecondary engagement and success. It is also a great addition to a resume or college/job application.

Students form teams of 16-18 students and one adult business mentor. This team becomes the simulated management team of an underperforming manufacturing company in direct competition with other student companies. Each company makes the same decisions modern businesses face daily, including making major financial decisions for their company, designing a full-blown marketing and advertising campaign, and much more. Throughout the week, world class speakers address the students on a wide variety of topics geared toward their personal and professional development.

Industry: Business Management & Administration
Audience: K12
Cost: $295

Experience Requirements

Students must be a current sophomore or junior in high school with an educator at the school who is willing to recommend them for attendance.

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