Experience Details

Promotional Products (AKA Specialty Advertising) is one of the oldest forms of advertising and its format has the greatest longevity of any form of advertising. It is one that can be utilized at relatively low cost and given its longevity, provides the greatest Return On Investment.
A speaker can be provided for a class that deals with business or marketing, to explain how this specialty market works. It can also focus on the skills needed for work in the sales areas as well as behind the scenes. It is an easy start-up business (for the right skill set) and therefore can allow a young person to own and operate their own business.

Industry: Marketing
Audience: K12
Max Attendees: 30

Experience Requirements

Students should be 16 years of age as a minimum and/or be enrolled in the 9th through 12th grades. It is preferred that the class be a business/marketing class or be engaged in a segment on business.

In school, classroom settings, ,