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Founded in 1983, F&S Tool operates a 90,000 square foot facility located on the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. F&S Tool specializes in high output, high efficiency hot runner injection molding applications typically with 2-6 million cycles expected per year. In addition to injection molding, F&S Tool is an expert in high volume compression molding applications with similar throughputs.

F&S Tool offers the option to use our facility as an integration center that could include sending your machine, automation and auxiliaries for full molding cell performance certification with our in-house technical experts prior to shipment. As an alternative, F&S Tool offers the use of a range of injection molding machines for sampling, short or medium run production in one of our 20 machine bays with ISO 9001: 2015 compliance.

Website: https://fstoolinc.com/

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