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We believe it is our ongoing story of compassion-in-action. All services are personalized to meet the needs of the individual, and we specialize in providing care for those who are also considered medically fragile. Through a unique program aimed at reducing the incidence of developmental disabilities, EHCA also helps women with at-risk pregnancies deliver healthy babies and assists needy families to create stable home environments. Each day, our goal is to contribute to the health, development, and fulfillment of every person placed in our care.

Since its founding in 1912, the agency has grown to include 21 community homes for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. EHCA's six community programs offer opportunities and support services for individuals with disabilities who reside with family members or on their own. Today, EHCA makes a difference in the lives of over 400 people and their families each day in Erie, Crawford, and Venango counties. Our facilities and services have changed through the years to meet evolving community needs, but our commitment to making a difference in the lives of the region's most vulnerable residents has never wavered.

The mission of EHCA is to assist people with disabilities to live rich and fulfilling lives. To fulfill this mission, EHCA provides compassionate, therapeutic, and medical support to individuals of all ages and all levels of disability while enabling them to live with purpose and dignity. We provide opportunities and choices for individuals to grow to their full potential, coordinating services that maximize ability and participation in a variety of community settings.

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