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Finish Thompson was founded in 1951 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Originally, the company was known as Finish Engineering and designed and built custom painting equipment and tooling which did the final decorating or "finish" to a part. In 1972, Finish Engineering Company acquired Thompson Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of portable, powered drum pumps for the transfer of hard-to-handle liquids such as acids, chemicals and solvents. Later, the company introduced its own molded sealless magnetic-drive centrifugal pumps. Over time the original paint finishing equipment production was ended and all focus was put into pumps and solvent recycling equipment. Finish Engineering and Thompson Manufacturing were combined into a single corporate entity in 1989 and "Finish Thompson, Inc." was officially born.

Finish Thompson's primary products are highly specialized pumps for transferring corrosive chemical fluids, such as bleach, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, plating solutions and other various acids, bases and solvents. FTI pumps are sold into a wide variety of industries, but some of the most common are chemical production and distribution, metal plating, steel mills, electronics and water and waste water treatment.

Website: http://www.finishthompson.com

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