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Kennerknecht Consulting is owned and operated by Jan Kennerknecht, M.Ed. The purpose of this business is to provide high-quality educational consulting services to secondary and post-secondary schools, workforce development groups, industry organizations and private companies looking to update technical training programs.

Ensuring that curriculum meets the needs of local industry is essential in any training program.

The process used is called DACUM, an acronym for developing a curriculum.

Companies have used DACUM results for:
• Curriculum development and training program updates
• HR job descriptions
• Management decisions
• Assessing employees
• Career counseling
• Certification and licensing alignment

The philosophy of DACUM is that expert workers and supervisors can describe job skills more accurately than anyone else. A one-day DACUM workshop is available for clients who have a pre-existing task list. In this case, the group of expert workers will analyze the existing list and will suggest additional tasks or corrections to tasks.
All jobs, in order to be performed correctly, require certain basic knowledge, skills, tools and worker behaviors. The DACUM facilitator identifies this information and organizes it into a detailed report called the DACUM Research Chart. This chart is provided to the client within a few days of the workshop completion.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-kennerknecht/

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