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Today's Erie Strayer Company had its roots in the Erie Steel Construction Company, a steel fabrication and erection company started in 1912 in Erie, Pennsylvania by G.H. Strayer. A nine man crew operated out of a one story brick building and did the steel work for commercial, industrial, and public buildings throughout the Erie area.

World War II saw Erie Steel build over 100 overhead electric travelling cranes and thousands of clamshell and dragline buckets for the Army and Navy. Defense related work continued after the war with the building of radar towers throughout the United States.

As business grew, Erie Steel began to design and produce concrete batching equipment, clamshell digging buckets, and storage bins for the construction industry. This was the beginning of today's product line.

By 1950 specialty steel fabrication was essentially phased out with the focus now being the manufacture of concrete batching equipment and buckets. It was at this time the company name was changed to Erie Strayer Company to reflect this new direction. The manufacturing facility is now over 175,000 square feet and sits on 21 acres. Erie Strayer's construction machines comprise one of the nation's most complete lines of material handling equipment. Some of the largest central mix and mobile plants in the world were built in Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie Strayer Company was also a pioneer in the development of automated batching control systems.

Erie Strayer has remained under the direction of the Strayer family with Robert Strayer as President and CEO. The company's mission remains dedicated to provide quality products and services to concrete providers worldwide.

Website: www.eriestrayer.com

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