Two talented artists from Harbor Creek High School toured Creative Imprints today. We could not be more pleased with the experience. After viewing some pieces Creative Imprints produced, we were given a tour of the production facility. The students viewed the working presses, the dye stations, the embroidery unit, and the packaging and shipping department. We spent over half our time working directly with the graphic artists on staff. They were pleasant, helpful, and related to the students very well. Thank you for making this experience available to students. We give this experience an A+.

Elaine LaFuria
“As a local advanced manufacturing company, we see the urgent need for top talent, across a wide range of positions, in order to effectively compete in the global marketplace. Historically, our traditional school system has not effectively introduced students to the promising career paths that advanced manufacturing affords, especially the skilled trades and many other technical positions that our domestic plastics industry desperately needs right now. And so Micro Mold & Plastikos are both proud to partner with Career Street in an effort to fill that void so that our Companies can continue to successfully compete & grow and positively contribute to our local community.”
Ryan Katen
I cannot think of a better resource for teachers and students.
Sarah Skelton
“Helping young people in all grades understand the opportunities that lie in wait for them is wonderfully gratifying and you can see in the young faces the importance of the private sectors work with Career Street. Career Street, thanks for your good works.”
Dale McBrier, Lyndal Enterprises
The opportunity to job shadow C.A. Curtze Food Service's Marketing Product Specialist, Marsha Rzodkiewicz, was an experience that has enriched my understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a research chef. I was able to see first-hand what her daily tasks included, allowing me to gain knowledge in a realistic corporate environment. The day that I spent at Curtze supplemented my understanding of potential career pathways for myself, widening my horizons and creating visions for my prospective career.
Union City Student, Jason
Our Mock Interview event was a success! Your Career Street website has been a valuable resource.
Frederick Gingerbach
Our experience with Career Street has been seamless and rewarding. The setup process was quick & easy, and setting up each experience has been a breeze as well. Both of the two office tours we have provided to high school students were well-received and have not taken too much time away from day-to-day business. Instead, the tours provided students with valuable information about working at a law firm and our attorneys and staff with a rewarding touch point to the next working generation. Thanks, Career Street!
Sarah Holland, Marketing Director
In this age of no field trips and no in person visitors Career Street has been a lifesaver!!!
Laura Planek, educator
Thank you for producing these articles for us, as students we need to see how much is out there for us beyond high school.