I’d like to thank the Manufacturer & Business Association, the Erie Regional Manufacturing Partnership, Career Street, and all of those involved in putting together both the conference and site tours for national manufacturing day. In my five years in Congress, and 30 plus years in the private sector before that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more well thought out event to prepare us for the future workforce we will need. Simply said, well done.

Mike Kelly
U.S. Representative

Our experience with Career Street has been seamless and rewarding. The setup process was quick & easy, and setting up each experience has been a breeze as well. Both of the two office tours we have provided to high school students were well-received and have not taken too much time away from day-to-day business. Instead, the tours provided students with valuable information about working at a law firm and our attorneys and staff with a rewarding touch point to the next working generation. Thanks, Career Street!

Sarah Holland, Marketing Director
Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.

For the Erie Times-News, Career Street is a continual effort to promote a variety of careers to interested high school students. In addition, the outreach serves as a bridge between the business and the community. So far in 2014, Erie Times-News has participated in several Career Street experiences, including workplace tours of the business complex and classroom visits for a career speaker. Later this fall, Erie Times-News will participate in a career fair for an Erie County high school.

This month, Erie Times-News hosted two tours of General McLane High School students – over 60 students total – to connect career search and journalism students with the business. During the tour, students learned about careers at the Erie Times-News, such as journalism, photography, graphic design, marketing, advertising sales, web development and finance. The tour allowed students to ask questions about education and careers, as well as witness the newspaper production in progress. This first-hand learning experience gave students a tangible lesson dealing with careers. Through conversations and question/answer sessions with students, we could see the intrinsic motivation to learn and the genuine excitement about careers.

Christopher LaFuria, Education Coordinator

The opportunity to job shadow C.A. Curtze Food Service's Marketing Product Specialist, Marsha Rzodkiewicz, was an experience that has enriched my understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a research chef. I was able to see first-hand what her daily tasks included, allowing me to gain knowledge in a realistic corporate environment. The day that I spent at Curtze supplemented my understanding of potential career pathways for myself, widening my horizons and creating visions for my prospective career.

Union City Student, Jason

Two talented artists from Harbor Creek High School toured Creative Imprints today. We could not be more pleased with the experience. After viewing some pieces Creative Imprints produced, we were given a tour of the production facility. The students viewed the working presses, the dye stations, the embroidery unit, and the packaging and shipping department. We spent over half our time working directly with the graphic artists on staff. They were pleasant, helpful, and related to the students very well. Thank you for making this experience available to students. We give this experience an A+.

Elaine LaFuria
Harbor Creek School District

We have used career street for several of our field trips this year including the Career Fair at TREC, Manufacturing Day, and TechFEST. All have been wonderful events that helped enhance our students understanding of careers and college preparation. It is imperative that our students are begin exposed to a variety of career fields and activities that help them gain a better understanding of their interests and potential career options. All of the field trips were engaging, relative to our students, and met their target objectives. I will continue to use Career Street in providing our students with educational opportunities that can expand their career knowledge and preparation.

Sarah Skelton, Gifted Coordinator
Iroquois School District

“Jennifer Nygaard Pontzer and Career Street contributed significantly to the success of our MFG Day celebration event on October 1, 2015. Career Street played a key role in communicating the date and day’s agenda with area middle and high school representatives, along with coordinating and supporting the transportation of more than 1,100 students and educators to and from the event, so they could experience much of the technology that is part of today’s manufacturing process. We sincerely appreciate the role Career Street played in 2015 and look forward to working together again on taking 2016’s event to the next level.”

John Krahe, Vice President
Manufacturer & Business Association

“As a local advanced manufacturing company, we see the urgent need for top talent, across a wide range of positions, in order to effectively compete in the global marketplace. Historically, our traditional school system has not effectively introduced students to the promising career paths that advanced manufacturing affords, especially the skilled trades and many other technical positions that our domestic plastics industry desperately needs right now. And so Micro Mold & Plastikos are both proud to partner with Career Street in an effort to fill that void so that our Companies can continue to successfully compete & grow and positively contribute to our local community.”

Ryan Katen
Plastikos, Inc

I felt that the field trips really helped show what the real world is really like. They helped show me what I may be interested in and what I do not want to do.

General McLane Sopohmore student

The Erie Insurance field trip was awesome. That’s something I want to do for a job, so it showed me a lot, and I felt like it really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

General McLane Junior Student

What was most meaningful in this class was going to the prison because it was really interesting to me what the security guards do inside and outside the prison. It was really cool actually seeing prisoners. I thought it was really interesting because I like cop shows and how it all works.

General McLane Sophomore Student

• "I would actually like to be a graphic designer because you get to draw." - Marco, 7th Grade Fairview School District

Fairview Middle School

“Helping young people in all grades understand the opportunities that lie in wait for them is wonderfully gratifying and you can see in the young faces the importance of the private sectors work with Career Street. Career Street, thanks for your good works.”

Dale McBrier, Lyndal Enterprises
Lyndal Enterprises

Career Street is an excellent organization to schedule guest speakers, shadowing experiences, and field trips for our high school students. The resources through Career Street are providing an avenue for our students to learn about careers in various fields, future employment opportunities, and employer expectations, as well as assist students in selecting classes and shadowing experiences to prepare them to meet the demands of the workforce. These experiences not only assist the students in choosing a career focus and college major but also provide them with interactions with employers and professionals who serve as mentors and role models in their fields

Sandy Means
McDowell High School, Gifted Support

"We have teamed up with Career Street on numerous occasions to provide community tours for both Erie County educators and students, all yielding successful results. Coordinating the tours with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure, her enthusiasm and dedication to advancing the education of our area students is very apparent and encouraging for a local manufacturer like Howard Industries. We truly appreciate being given the opportunity to expose students and educators to our state-of-the-art facility and engage them in the architectural signage manufacturing process, in hopes of sparking career aspirations that may prove both beneficial to the students as well as our industry."

Briana Cummings, Marketing Director
Howard Industries

I think Career Street is a valuable tool for the region. It gives children and youth a real-time experience with the career fields and the local professionals who can give a better idea about the pipeline of education and training required to work towards anyone’s goal for entering a certain part of the workforce. Mercyhurst University and hundreds of Erie County youth along with their counselors and teachers have mutually benefitted through the opportunities catalyzed and made possible through Career Street.

Colin Hurley, Director of Community Engagement
Mercyhurst University