School District Liaisons

A group of school district representatives have been assigned as the point of contact for school district activities related to Career Street.  Educators interested in working with Career Street should contact their district's liaison to start the process of using Career Street services and resources.


Corry Area School District

Susan Bogert, NCC, LPC

Supervisor of Vocational Education
Corry Area School District
534 East Pleasant St.
Corry, PA 16407

Phone: 814-664-4677 ext. 3134



Erie County Technical School

Elaine Shaffer

Business Partnerships Coordinator
Erie County Technical School
8500 Oliver Road
Erie, PA 16509

Phone: 814-464-8676



Erie School District

Pam Mackowski

Erie High School
3325 Cherry Street
Erie, PA 16508

Phone: 814-874-6206



Fort LeBoeuf School District

Cara Horchen

High School Guidance Counselor
P.O. Box 516
Waterford, PA 16441

Phone: 814-796-3037 



General McLane School District

Toni Zona

Business Teacher
General McLane High School
11771 Edinboro Road
Edinboro, PA 16412

Phone: 814-273-1033 ext. 1100


Girard School District

Antonella Spinelli

Business Computer Technology Educator
Girard High School
1135 Lake Street
Girard, Pa 16417

Phone: 814-774-5607 x6419



Harbor Creek School District

Buckley Cook

Senior High Counselor
Harbor Creek Junior/Senior High School
6375 Buffalo Road
Harborcreek, PA 16421

Phone: 814-897-2100 ext. 2108



Iroquois School District

Lori Hickernell

School Counselor
Iroquois Junior/Senior High School
4301 Main St.
Erie, Pa 16511

Phone: 814-899-7643 ext. 1537



Millcreek Township School District

Dr. Tim Stoops

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Millcreek Education Center
3740 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16506

Phone: 814-835-5328



North East School District

Dawn Coletta

High School Counselor
North East HS
1901 Freeport Road
North East, PA 16428

Phone: 814-725-8671 ext. 1008



Northwestern School District

Joe Nagle

High School Counselor
Northwestern High School
200 Harthan Way
Albion PA 16401

Phone: 814-756-9400 ext. 1277



Union City Area School District

Kimberlie Dawson

High School Guidance Counselor
Union City High School
105 Concord Street
Union City, PA 16438

Phone: 814-438-7673 ext. 5413



Wattsburg Area School District

Liz Oslak, NCC

High School Counselor
Seneca High School
10770 Wattsburg Road
Erie PA 16509

Phone: 814-824-4119