Tour of the ELLWOOD National Forge Corry Facility

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Workplace Tour

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Industries: Manufacturing
Max. Attendees: 30
Audience: Both

Experience Details

ELLWOOD National Forge would be happy to host students for tours of our Corry Facilities. Our production processes include Open Die Forging of large steel ingots, Heat Treating forged and rough machined products, and a variety of lathe, boring, and mill machining work. We are excited to meet the next generation of students and share with them the capabilities of our facility and how the student's interests might match and create valuable career opportunities.

Experience Requirements

We would require all visitors to be United States Citizens or hold a valid Green Card due to our Federal Contract requirements. In addition all visitors must wear full length pants and closed toed shoes during the visit to avoid potential injury. Full length skirts and loose fitting clothing could be damaged or cause injury in our production facility and cannot be allowed. All other PPE required is provided by the facility. (Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Hard Hats)

Experience Location

Ellwood National Forge is located at 441 East Main St, Corry, PA 16407 24
441 East Main St, Corry, PA 16407 24   ·   Click Here For Directions