Workplace Tour

Posted by Erie Press Systems
Date June 15th, 2014
Time 2:45 AM to 2:45 AM
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Workplace Tour

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Industries: Manufacturing

Experience Details

This experience will offer the students a first hand look at a manufacturing environment. It will show students that there are important marketable skills that are still needed in manufacturing companies in today's world such as welding, machining, and assembling. If students decide to further their studies and become skilled in a trade, they will be able to make a good living with room for other opportunities in manufacturing.

Experience Requirements

We would recommend that students be at least in tenth grade or higher and that the classroom size is no more than 20 students.

Experience Location

Erie Press Systems is located at 1253 W. 12th Street, Erie, PA 16501
1253 W. 12th Street, Erie, PA 16501   ·   Click Here For Directions