Plastikos Plant Tour

Posted by Plastikos, Inc.
Date January 13th, 2017
This Experience Has Been Completed
Workplace Tour

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Industries: Manufacturing
Max. Attendees: 10 - 15
Audience: K12

Experience Details

Students & faculty members will have the opportunity to walk through Plastikos' facility. Throughout the tour they will be exposed to our manufacturing process and have the opportunity to speak with employees from various departments (e.g. Engineering, Quality, Tooling, and Production).

1. Explaining to the students that manufacturing offers many career paths, as well as highlighting specific career opportunities that we offer at Plastikos & Micro Mold.
2. Clarifying the levels of education that are required for various positions.
3. Allowing the students to speak with, and ask questions to, our own professionals who have years of experience, skill, and real-world knowledge to help educate the students on what will be expected of them as they transition from being full-time students to business professionals.

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Experience Location

Plastikos, Inc. is located at 8165 Hawthorne Drive, Erie, PA 16509 24
8165 Hawthorne Drive, Erie, PA 16509 24   ·   Click Here For Directions