Fab Lab

Date October 18th, 2016 to October 19th, 2016
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Industries: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Audience: K12

Experience Details

OVR is excited to announce that the "FAB LAB" will be available to Erie County students on October 18th and 19th at the Bayfront Convention Center at no cost!

The Fab Lab is provided by Carnegie Mellon University and is a hands-on workshop intended to exposed students to the STEM field. While attending the 1.5 hour workshop students will utilize advanced computer technology and a laser cutter to make a name tag.

This workshop is for students who have a limited idea of their plans after high school, want to work in manufacturing or a shop type atmosphere, or want to pursue education and careers in the STEM field.

The Fab Lab is available for any student with a disability enrolled in high school. These students DO NOT need to be currently open with OVR. They only need to have an IEP or 504 plan. Please also consider students who may not have been OVR eligible in the past. The idea of the Fab Lab is expose students of all backgrounds and levels of functioning to the STEM field. OVR staff will be available to assist students throughout their time at the Fab Lab. We do ask that schools have at least one school staff present with the students during the Fab Lab.

The Fab Lab has 6 available time slots available during their time in Erie. Each time slot can only accommodate 16 students. If your school district is interested in having your students attend the Fab Lab please select ONE time slot as soon as possible. The time slots are as follows:

October 18th:
12-1:30: Seneca
1:30-3 –Perseus House

October 19th:
8:30-10 – Fairview
10-11:30 – General McLane
11:30-1: Girard
1-2:30: Still open!

OVR may be able to assist with transportation costs if that is a barrier to your students being able to attend the Fab Lab. If this is a concern, please let me know as soon as possible.

Each student participating in the Fab Lab needs to have a Student Registration form completed in advanced.

We look forward to having you at the Fab Lab!

Experience Requirements

Schools must register with Hillary Hubbell prior to attending the event.

A registration form must be completed for each student attending.

Experience Location

OVR- Office of Vocational Rehabilitation is located at 1 Sassafras Pier, Erie, PA 16507 0
1 Sassafras Pier, Erie, PA 16507 0   ·   Click Here For Directions