Career Speakers

Date October 13th, 2016
Time 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM
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Career Speaker

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Industries: Education & Training
Audience: K12

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We are looking for a variety of speakers to visit our school and speak to the juniors about your careers. I have attached a flyer of potential interview questions that we would like you to answer during the 25 minute presentation. It would be great is there was an explanation of how students can get into an entry level position with your company. If you are able to stay for a few minutes after students are dismissed to speak to interested parties that would be great.

Our students are in need of 15 job shadowing hours and this is one way of bringing a variety of careers to them. We hope you can help us out in this endeavor.

My schedule is pretty open at this point. I am hoping to have at least one speaker per week. The presentation will take place in the GHS Auditorium. We have a microphone if necessary as well as the ability to show a PowerPoint or videos.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Experience Location

Girard School District is located at 1203 Lake St, Girard , PA 16417 0
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