MFG Day Tour 2016 Prism Plastics/Tech Molded Plastics

Date October 7th, 2016
This Experience Has Been Completed
Workplace Tour

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Industries: Manufacturing
  Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Max. Attendees: 60
Audience: K12

Experience Details

How often do students get a chance to witness an inside look at advanced technology applied to their future career? Not often... Most graduates from high school and college don't get a chance to experience the vast opportunity of skilled technology careers until they finish their degree.

When you read about the application of robotics working hand-in-hand with conveying systems and skilled people, you don't see the art and craftsmanship of the men and women that make it all happen. The interactive tour experience lays out the path where business development engineers, design engineers, plastics processing engineers, marketing specialists, accountants, human resources, quality technicians and other skilled people work as a team to make the products that make life better!

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Experience Location

Prism Plastics, Inc/Tech Molded Plastics, Inc is located at 1045 French Street, Meadville, PA 16335 19
1045 French Street, Meadville, PA 16335 19   ·   Click Here For Directions