MFG Day Tour 2016 Plastikos & Micro Mold

Posted by Plastikos, Inc.
Date October 13th, 2016
Time 8:30 AM to 10:45 AM
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Workplace Tour

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Industries: Manufacturing
Max. Attendees: 15
Audience: K12

Experience Details

Students will arrive at Plastikos to take a tour and see how our operations work from start to finish. We will have multiple tour guides leading the students from one area to another. As the students walk through each department they will be greeted by different employees who will help explain specific responsibilities of their job, what their departments are responsible for and how it contributes to Plastikos' overall success as well as the success of our sister company, Micro Mold. Our goal is to show how each person, department, and company works together as one cohesive team!

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Experience Requirements

We ask that students and faculty wear closed toe shoes. Also, please refrain from wearing any long or excessively loose clothing.

Experience Location

Plastikos, Inc. is located at 8165 Hawthorne Drive, Erie, PA 16509 24
8165 Hawthorne Drive, Erie, PA 16509 24   ·   Click Here For Directions