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Industries: Finance
Max. Attendees: 1
Audience: K12

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The School-to-Career Mentorship program provides a qualified student the opportunity to begin learning an occupation. It consists of a half-day or daylong experience per month over a six or seven month period during the school year. Students meet and work with professionals who share their experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and zeal for what they do for a living. The program provides hands-on, behind-the-scenes experiences and gives students the opportunities to make connections with organizations and people who can help them as they pursue their career choices. Mentorship candidates must be self-motivated and disciplined. Students are expected to attend all sessions.

Students enrolled in the GIfted Program in grades 11 and 12 may participate in one mentorship per year.

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Experience Requirements

McDowell High School grades 11-12 gifted students will participate in a School-to-Career Mentorship Program, matching a student on a one-to-one basis with an adult member of the community who can provide expertise and/or advice in a field of study or other community endeavor. The student would attend a half -day or day long experience once per month over a 6 or 7 month period during the school year.

This is a highly competitive program, and students will be screened for appropriate qualifications. Mentorship candidates must be self-motivated and disciplined; they will be expected to attend all sessions. In the selection process, students will complete an application, write a cover letter and resume, and obtain 2 recommendations from school and the community. In addition, grade point average, work ethic, and attendance will be considered in the selection process.

Experience Location

Millcreek Township School District is located at 3740 West 26th Street, Erie , PA 16506 0
3740 West 26th Street, Erie , PA 16506 0   ·   Click Here For Directions