Annual Pi Day at Edinboro University

Date March 14th, 2016
Time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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Industries: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource
Max. Attendees: 400
Audience: K12

Experience Details

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Edinboro University is hosting its Annual Pi Day within the month of March to expose students to the fun of math and its different careers. Pi Day, as referred to at Edinboro University, will be offered to benefit students K-12 with a focus on recruiting under represented and economically challenged students.

> Students will be introduced to a broad range of topics related to the curriculum of Mathematics and Computer Science by participating in independent research projects, programming classes, and strategic tournaments. Student engagement will be fostered through a number of hands-on simulations, lectures, and lab projects that will enhance the students' knowledge on how to apply mathematical and computer science to a profession.

> Within the context of a team project/lecture, students will be given the unique opportunity to participate in special projects, including the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display, an EGG controlled telepresence robotic device, and a cluster computer will be displayed in the Computer Science project room. In addition to showing students mathematics, they are given campus tours and are able to interact with students from other local schools.
> The Pi Day event will allow participants to experience short lectures, followed by hands-on games and problem-solving. These activities will incorporate such topics as algorithms built around pseudo-random iteration and player modeling, evolutionary algorithms and procedural content generation, for example. Other areas include trigonometry and calculus as it relates to "random," and cryptology and the RSA algorithm, mesh generation, image editing software, digital image forensics, human computers, and mind-controlled robots.

Students will have ample opportunities to ask questions about how to properly target their career goals and to learn about which college courses will be most suitable to their objectives.

Experience Requirements

Students K-12

Experience Location

Pennwest at Edinboro is located at 219 Meadville Street, Edinboro, PA 16444 24
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