Senior Mock Job Interviews

Date October 15th, 2015
Time 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM
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Industries: Business Management & Administration
Audience: K12

Experience Details

Seneca needs 6 to 7 interviewers to score senior students on mock job interviews. Sample questions are provided but you may also use some of your own interview questions as well. Students are scored on presentation, communication skills and answers. Interviewers will meet with students for 15 minutes and have 5 minutes between interviews to write observations. Each interviewer will be assigned 8 or 9 students they will be interviewing from 8-11:30. This may be an opportunity for new managers to practice hiring skills and benefit the sending business as well.

Experience Location

Wattsburg Area School District is located at 10770 Wattsburg Road, Erie, Pa 16509 0
10770 Wattsburg Road, Erie, Pa 16509 0   ·   Click Here For Directions