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Workplace Tour

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Industries: Manufacturing
Max. Attendees: 6
Audience: K12

Experience Details

Maple Donuts will provide tours to students that are interested in the manufacturing field. In addition to viewing our donut making process, students will be exposed to the variety of types of jobs involved in a manufacturing environment.

Experience Requirements

Students taking a tour must wear a hair net and a beard guard if appropriate.(we will provide). No jewelry is allowed on the production floor including watches. Clothing requirements include: no sleeveless shirts, must wear full length pants and close toed shoes (no sandals, clogs). Pockets should be emptied before arriving of all items except keys.

Appropriate for students in grades 8 through 12th

Experience Location

Maple Donuts is located at 10307 Hall Avenue, Lake City, PA 16423 0
10307 Hall Avenue, Lake City, PA 16423 0   ·   Click Here For Directions