Harbor Creek High School 4th Annual College and Career Fair

Date October 29th, 2014
Time 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Career Fair

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Industries: Education & Training
Audience: K12

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The unique thing about our fair is its diversity. We include something for everyone...4 year colleges, trade schools, technical schools, armed services, several employers (targeting companies that hire students with a high school diploma), mental health agencies, special education agencies and community agencies.

This fair is free for all vendors and attendees. All high schools in the area (as far as Meadville) are invited. We typically see students from 10-11 area high schools. Last year 85 vendors and over 300 students and their families attended our fair. During past fairs, it has been a pleasure to also welcome back past graduates and community members, who now are looking to enter a trade/technical school, college, armed services or the work force. Currently 87 vendors plan on attending our 2014 fair and we hope to reach more parents, families and students through increase media attention.

In the past, North East – Iroquois – Harbor Creek High Schools have shared responsibility for a Transition Fair. This fair has been incorporated into our fair. Each school has a table to assist special education students. It is wonderful to see all students exploring post secondary opportunities together.

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Harbor Creek School District is located at 6375 Buffalo Road, Harborcreek, PA 16421 0
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