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About Community Access Media (CAM Erie)

Primary Industry: Arts, A/V Tech & Communications

Community Access Media's mission is to facilitate and promote community involvement in the production and broadcasting of media that benefits our community.

Our mission includes:
• providing a media production facility committed to excellence, diversity, objectivity, service, and equality;
• encouraging citizens of Erie to exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech and expression through media production including: television shows, podcasts, YouTube videos, E-Sports, and social media content

CAM gives people and organizations the tools they need to get their unique messages across to their intended audiences in the Erie community.

Programs and Services
o Media Production Training Classes: HD Production Studio, HD Field Camera, Premiere Pro Video Editing, Podcasting Basics, Be a YouTuber, Green Screen, and Digital Photography
o Access to Video Production Equipment and Facilities: HD cameras, DSLR cameras, tripods, microphones, light kits, broadcast studio, podcasting studios, and edit booths.
o Access to air your own TV programs on Channel 1021 and Channel 2.
o Nonprofit Event Livestreaming and Coverage: Celebrate Erie, Blues & Jazz Festival, Labor Day Parade, Erie Chamber, Erie City Mission, Erie County Public Library
o Youth Media Production Programs
o Access to the Candidates: (Primary and General)
o Local Government Access: Mayor Press Conferences, Town Halls, Council Meetings

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Community Access Media (CAM Erie) is located at 142 West 12th Street, Erie , PA 16501
142 West 12th Street, Erie , PA 16501   ·   Click Here For Directions

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A Career Interview with the Executive Director

Industry: Arts, A/V Tech & Communications      Type: Virtual
Audience: K12
This is a recorded career interview with the executive director of Community Access Media.

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Live Chat with the Executive Director

Industry: Arts, A/V Tech & Communications      Type: Virtual
Audience: K12
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CAM Tour

Date May 24th, 2022      Time 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Industry: Arts, A/V Tech & Communications      Type: Workplace Tour
Audience: Both