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Primary Industry: Human Services

The Mercy Center for Women provides services for women in the community who are homeless or who need some assistance with their personal development.

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Mercy Center for Women is located at 1039 East 27th St, Erie, PA 16504
1039 East 27th St, Erie, PA 16504   ·   Click Here For Directions

Recently Posted Experiences

A Career Interview featuring several roles in Social Work

Industry: Human Services      Type: Virtual
This video is a career interview with Carla Storrs, the Director of Client Services at Mercy Center For Women. She wears "many hats" but client care is always at the top of her list. Watch this video to learn more about careers in social work. Learn More »

Live Chat with Carla Storrs, LSW

Industry: Human Services      Type: Virtual
After reading the Career Street Career Interview of Carla Storrs, and watching the career interview video (a previous experience on Career Street), students have an opportunity to have a live chat (via Zoom on another acceptable platform) with Carla ... Learn More »