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To facilitate the educational, social, political, and economic progress of the communities we serve. We will work to break down cultural barriers due to language, appearance, or ethnic traditions. We will actively promote and advocate the development, empowerment, and advancement of all people while preserving their cultural identity. We will work to educate the community to value diversity.

Agency History
On April 29, 1975, The Hispanic American Council was incorporated as a nonprofit organization. The Council was first located at the Spanish Apostolate, an Erie Diocesan Mission Office at 611 West 17thStreet. The Council started with no administrative funds and operated with volunteers and two paid staff. In September of 2009, the organization’s name was changed to the Multicultural Community Resource Center to more accurately reflect the diverse and ever-increasing population served. Today the Multicultural Community Resource Center employs more than 50 individuals and is located in the old Penn Schoolhouse at 554 East 10th Street in Erie. Since the building was erected in 1880, it is gradually being refurbished to its original architectural prominence as a center of learning in Erie.

The Multicultural Community Resource Center provides a variety of educational and employment programs to the Immigrant and Refugee populations in Erie in a customer focused manner. The service needs of the clients are of prime importance. All services promote client self—sufficiency and improved economic, physical and/or social wellbeing.

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Multicultural Community Resource Center is located at 554 East 10th St., Erie, PA 16503
554 East 10th St., Erie, PA 16503   ·   Click Here For Directions

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