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Optimas is a global leading provider of integrated supply chain solutions and engineering support to industry leading OEMs. We operate 12 countries, which include two state of the art manufacturing facilities where we make our own product. Our 25-year old company specializes in the global sourcing, supply chain efficiency, inventory management, design, product verification testing and delivery of highly engineered fastener hardware and components.

-Optimas has a mindset of continuous growth; not only the company as a whole, but also our employees on a global scale.
-Collaboration across all departments and levels is a backbone of the Optimas culture. A place where every voice is important and holds value.
-Everyone plays a key role in helping create and maintain strong relationships with our customers and helping us grow as an industry leader
-Team mentality: Employee + Supplier + Customer = Success and Growth

“Our commitment to each of our customers is at the heart of what we do”
- Team Lead at Wood Dale Manufacturing

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Optimas OE Solutions is located at 1664 Greengarden Road , Erie, PA 16501
1664 Greengarden Road , Erie, PA 16501   ·   Click Here For Directions

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