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We work with 4 Summer Jam student workers in 2014 and it was a mutually satisfying experience. Our campus has a wonderful summer presence -- with a water feature, Koi pond outdoor activities. For those interested, we are developing unique gardens - wild flower hillocks and a rain garden.
Expect to work with children who have been made homeless because of domestic violence in their family. These children have suffered a trauma in their young lives.
Teen boys are especially needed to work with the SafeNet Children's program.
SafeNet celebrated 40 years of providing services to women and their children and men who are victims of domestic violence. We accompany survivors to court, meet them at the hospital ER and provide both crisis and longer term shelter to provide safety.
We are located in a hidden campus close to downtown Erie. Our small staff will welcome you and your talents. You will provide help to those truly in need.

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SafeNet is located at 1702 French Street, Erie, PA 16501
1702 French Street, Erie, PA 16501   ·   Click Here For Directions

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