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Primary Industry: Manufacturing

Afusa is a family owned production finishing company. We do not make or manufacture a product, we finish many different kinds of products for many different kinds of customers. The markets we serve include transportation, communication, medical and food service, retail, sporting goods, automotive and mining, lighting, architectural, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and just about any metal product that requires some kind of finish.

We apply both liquid and powder finishes. The powder finishes are sustainable, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flamable. They are exceptionally durable, weatherable and can have specific properties like electrical insulation, FDA and potable water certification, high reflectivity, ar anti-microbial technology. Our wet paint finishes are EPA and PADEP compliant and sereve mostly the aerospace, oil and gas, and military markets.

Our company values place the employees at the top of the list, follwed by our vendors, the community, our customers, and finally, the share holders. We have been in business since 1970, and are a second generation local family business.

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Advanced Finishing USA is located at 7401 Klier Drive, Fairview, PA 16415
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