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Industries: Arts, A/V Tech & Communications
Max. Attendees: 1

Experience Details

We are a screen-printing, embroidery, & promotional products company that specializes in decorating items which involves the need for graphic design art. The student would spend as much time as they wish within a single work day with our three in-house artits to see what it takes to create a design that will be used to screen-print t-shirts, be embroidered, or used in our custom Vinyl department. We are open M-F 8am to 5 pm. Please call with questions.

Experience Requirements

Student should be well manored, and dressed in clean cloths because of possibility of interaction with customers. If the student is staying through the lunch hour they should bring a lunch and something to drink. We have a refridegerator, microwave and water cooler that may be used. Please call with questions.

Experience Location

Creative Imprint Systems is located at 2670 West 11 St., Erie, PA 16505
2670 West 11 St., Erie, PA 16505   ·   Click Here For Directions